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(a/k/a MAY)

Who we are:
McAllister and You is a worldwide on-line social support group. "MAY" is comprised of caring individuals who, through their own life circumstances, can share unique experiences and stressors with members of the community experiencing similar events and support them emotionally and psychologically. Members of MAY are not licensed professional counselors, but are Mentors who provide calming influence for individuals having trouble coping.

What we do:
We are an on-line social support group which was started in 2008. The group is designed to help other deal with stress effectively. Stress is a natural side effect of jobs, marriage, children, and general conflict or excitement which occurs in one’s life. The focus of our group is to anonymously support the community in dealing with their stresses in a positive manner. Contact with our on-line support group helps those who feel isolated or alone know that they have a support system in their corner. MAY has accomplished successful interference in many suicides and has assisted support in keeping over nineteen (19) teens in school.

To help community members deal with stressors in their life effectively to avoid depression and isolation which frequently occurs over time with unresolved stress.

Our beliefs:
individuals frequently have nowhere to turn when experiencing difficulties in their life. Exposing innermost personal feelings is frightful. Feelings are then turned inward and can have negative physical or psychological effects. The stresses of jobs, families, children, general conflict and even excitement, etc., have occurred in every generation over time, yet the effects of stress can be as unique to each individual as the strain of one’s DNA. Our Mentors want to help those in crisis deal with their unique stresses in a kind, loving, and compassionate was to support them and to prevent emotional decline into isolation and depression.
All Mentors follow MAY’s rules to ensure the organizations goals and contacts are confidential and successful.

Rules of Operation:
1. Prejudice is not tolerated;
2. No discussion of religion, or politics;
3. No discussion of violence;
4. No personal information is shared about any person;
5. Abusive language will not be tolerated;
6. No solicitations will be tolerated in public or private chat.

The success and popularity of MAY demands increase in resources. MAY has outgrown its four man operation since its inception in 2008. Financial support is necessary for the continued operation of MAY.

Financial support will provide:
1. Yearly meetings (meals, door prizes, special gifts)
2. Travel expenses
3. Administration
4. Charitable contributions to approved individuals
5. Mailing expenses
6. Web site expenses
7. Business cards
8. Old cell phones donated to help raise money and keep the planet green. 

President: Kathryn S. Pickler
Vice President: Alan W. Ard
Secretary: Roberta  Exley
Associate Secretary: Patrice Y. Orr
Associate Vice President: Nathaniel Orr
Treasurer: Roberta Exley and Alan W. Ard

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McAllister and You
P.O. Box 82
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming 82082



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